video production, Web Design, and digital marketing consulting for small businesses in Miami, FL

"It's like you'll have flipped a switch and suddenly, your business is practically growing itself..."

How much simpler and more enjoyable would life be if you had reliable systems to automate your small business's success? May we show you what that'd look like?

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Have questions about successfully attracting great clients? We know a thing or two about that...

Have questions about effective marketing for your business? We know a thing or two about that...

Digital Marketing Strategist
Customer Value Optimization
Content Marketing Specialist
Direct Response Copywriting Specialist
Search Marketing Specialist
Paid Customer Acquisition Specialist
Social Media Specialist
Ecommerce Marketing Specialist

(Truth is, we're total nerds for this stuff.)

Our Process: Creativity Guided By Best Practices and Data

Wondering how this'll all work and how working with Plain Wood Digital can help you attract great clients? Here's the breakdown:



During our initial call, we'll want to help everyone get clarity on your business needs, goals, and challenges.

It'll also be an opportunity for you to get to know us and ask us questions.

If everyone agrees our companies are a fit to work together, we can move onto the next step.



We'll need to take an even closer look, not just at your business, but at who you want to attract and keep happy in your business.

Interviews, surveys, and testing help us make decisions driven by data and real understanding, rather than just putting together stuff that simply looks or feels good.



We'll collaborate to develop your marketing assets.

Things like scripts and production of your video content, persuasive copy for email, search optimized content for your website and more.

Then we launch, and generate results.



As people are exposed to your marketing, we'll analyze the before, during, and after to learn even more about your target clients.

For example, with real usage by live visitors, we can observe things like:

  • What they do after viewing your videos
  • How they behave on your website
  • What kind of social media content performs best


With the information we can gather from marketing exposure and website usage, we can make educated decisions on what to improve.

Seeing marketing systems as "alive" and capable of growth and improvement instead of one-and-done, set-and-forget projects is what sets successful companies apart from their competitors.

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We're on a mission to boost the national economy by supporting its "backbone" - the entrepreneurs who create jobs and enrich their communities and economies on a local scale.

How We Help Our Clients

Plain Wood Digital works together with you to build reliable systems for growth.

Attract Great Opportunities

Increase Sales and Retain Clients

Recruit, Train, and Retain Talent

DID YOU KNOW? Having systems to rely on to achieve these business objectives rather than being dependent on one or more specific persons with all the know-how in their heads greatly increases its value for when you're looking for investment partners or are ready to make your exit...

How We Make That All Happen

Compelling Video Production

Strategy-Driven Web Development

Targeted Digital Marketing

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As a bonus, you'll get an inside look at how we rely on systems to simplify growth for ourselves!

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Meet Plain Wood Digital

Nora Whelan holding a camera over her right shoulder.

Heather Dean

Chief of Video Production

Heather uses her unique storytelling strategies to create informative, fun, and memorable video content that gives our clients’ marketing efforts to increase visibility, trust, authority, positive impact, and messaging effectiveness a huge boost.

In her spare time, she gets way too excited about visual transitions and plot devices in TV and film, loves to go outdoors to test new camera and lighting equipment, and dote on her cats and rabbit.

Marc Enriquez

Marc Enriquez

Chief of Web Strategy

Marc combines web design, sales and marketing strategy, and online tools for promotion and automation to support our clients’ operations and eliminate the overwhelm that often comes with scaling a business.

A lover of all things technical, he particularly enjoys rock climbing, billiards, and the Filipino martial arts when he's out of the office.